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Messaggio da Coimbrino » 19 set 2011, 10:49

Hi Italian DeLorean friends

I'm trying to post a message on the forum about our Belgian DeLorean event in 2012, but I can't seem to get on to your forum. I don't speak Italian, so I don't understand everything that is asked for. That's why I'm going to try it this way, in case anyone from Italy would want to come to Belgium.


Date: from Thursday 17th of May 2012 to Sunday 20th 2012

Hotel location in Bruges ( )
Rough guide(details will change in time)

Thursday 17th
From midday to evening: arrival of guests in the hotel.
Welcome dinner

Friday 18th
Drive through Flanders and visit of Flanders Fields.
Specific locations to be confirmed but we are looking at some impressive stuff.
Evening in local bar of Delorean owner, Delorean & BTTF decorated for the occasion.
Coaches from & to the hotel will be available to avoid drinking & driving!

Saturday 19th
A day in Bruges!
Cars will be allow to park on a central public square with security.
Media coverage (TV, newspapers) will take place during this time
Possibilities to do a touristic walkaround / shopping frenzy or a tour in "The Fool Of Bruges" brewary.
Return to the hotel for the gala dinner.

Sunday 20th
A late breakfast (probably), some asperine, sunglasses and soft noises for all those hangovers.
Departure of guests to their respective countries.

To discuss hotelroom prices we need to have a rough estimate who would like to join us. I know it's difficult but who's up for this?

We also try to keep out facebook page updated : DeLorean Convention Belgium 2012. Check it out!

Hope this gets to the forum ...

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Belgium
Verbrugghe Andy
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